Charlie’s second book is out now!

Something Evil is brewing...

A tale of camaraderie that lays bare the delicate sinews of the human condition, as Albert Hoffman’s bastard sons go mad in a remote seaside town perched upon the very quivering tip of Scotland.

Danny Texas is one messed-up puppy and there’s no turning back, as each aspect of his reality dissolves into a kind of hellish internal monologue that takes on a deranged persona, smirking back at him like a melon on peyote. Brace yourself then, for a faceful of human disaster, paranormal commotion laced with personal downfall and death, along with a large portion of déjà vu for pudding.

Caught up in a psychedelic quest that goes terribly wrong, Danny and his cronies step into an absurd lost vagueness of the avant-garde; an hallucinatory enigma of unreality that mutates into a cacophony of mother ships, reptilian bar staff wearing plastic bunny ears, giant brown slugs, cheap lager with the texture of grated glass, mystics in Daffy Duck boxer shorts, the ghost of Dowpy Duncan, and the bad juju of a severed rabbit’s head that haunts Danny’s waking nightmare, all played out to the soundtrack of Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. Oh, and not forgetting those (Evil) gate-crashing mothers of pandemonium, The Banana Splits, of course . . .

How far down the bunny hole can Danny go?

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Crooked Pathways

Charlie’s first book is out now! Read excerpts below and grab a paperback or a copy for your Kindle from Amazon...

“A collection of hilariously woeful yarns rinsed in the darkest of humour, draped across a paranormal catastrophe waiting to happen”

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I wrote some songs and sang/played guitar in a few unheard of bands back in the 90's. These days I write and record for a bit of fun. That is all.

Berlin 2008

Car Alarm

Blues In DNA by 7% Solution - a band I was in back in 1996/7 - (Bristol uk)

Learn To Cope by 7% Solution - a band I sang in back in 1996/7

Beyond the void .

Thunder storm in my head.

Long gone ... Syd Barrett (cover)

The Head Doctrine

Only Heaven Can Save You Now

Xmas day

May Day

Huxley's dream . . .

Dickens haunting my fucking mind . . .

Hipnotic Riff


Dead Mouse

Demons that's not reality . . .

All god's lickle creatures

The Char blues

The journey

Song for midnight munchies film

Reading the dots

Freezing day